Retirement Plans

We offer plan document consultation, design, implementation and advisory services for 401k & 403b plans, profit sharing plans, cash balanced defined benefit plans, SEPs, Simple IRAs and others. We work with a variety of record keepers, administrators, fund families and custodians to provide customized solutions for our clients.
We offer open architecture retirement plans that can include a much wider variety of investments than typical plans, including Vanguard funds and ETFs, and can be professionally managed through our use of proprietary investment models.
We can and do serve as broker of record on traditional based plans including those from John Hancock, Principal, American Funds, Nationwide, ADP and more.
We offer full fee transparency so that our clients know how much they are being charged for each service provided in the retirement plan and we seek to minimize fees in our plan design.
As investment advisors we can share fiduciary responsibility for the plan with the employer.  Most 401k brokers cannot provide fiduciary services.

The retirement planning industry is full of brokers who only focus on insurance-based 401k plans and have 401k as a product that is incidental to their practice.  These brokers typically cannot act as a fiduciary for a plan, are only familiar with the limited products they are able to sell, and are not adequately qualified to conduct rigorous due diligence on the investments and funds in the 401k plan.  It is a good idea to conduct a retirement plan checkup annually and we are always available for a no-obligation consultation to look at your company’s retirement plan.